Roermond in Oorlog

1936 - 1945

Welcome to 'Roermond during the Second World War'

This website is dedicated to tell the history and the events what happened in Roermond and its surroundings during the Second World War. That we never forget.

- General-Major John B. Anderson.
Roermond was liberated by soldiers from the XVI Corps. Commander of this Corps was General-Major John B. Anderson.

Subjects to come
- 'Van kazemat tot kelderleven, Roermond 1940-1945'. A book written about the history of Roermond in the period between 1940 and 1945.

- 'Wees op uw hoede, Roermond 1936-1940'. The bookpresentation was on March 30th 2012. More information about this book including some pages can be found here.

- 'Where are our liberators'. Frontperiod Middle- and Northern part of Limburg. A new project, together with Hugo Levels. This book will tell the complete history about the frontperiod from September 1944 untill liberation on March 1st 1945 for Middle- and Northern part of Limburg.

- The years 1933 untill 1945. The events in Roermond during these years in chronological order.

- Victims. The aim is to get to know more about victims, Allied or Dutch, on a personal basis.

- Monuments. Start with the monument 'Mai 10, 1940' in the Weerd, near Roermond.

- Picture's of Roermond. During the last years lots of pictures were found. A great deal of these will be presented in this website.

This website will be updated regularly with new information. The latest information can be found at 'latest updates'.

Do you have any additional information? For example a diary, documents, picture's, newspapers or other material and you want to make it available for a new publication please contact me.